Our Story

About Us

Simple Gestures started with humble beginnings where its founders handmade or curated intricate personal gifts for their friends. The belief that a simple thought can be translated into big gestures for their recipients brought great joy, and that spurred even more creations.

Started out with handsewn gifts and apparels to resin art works and accessories, Simple Gesture eventually streamlined into the world of crystals, sourcing quality and 100% natural (otherwise stated) crystals for our clients.


Every crystal from Simple Gestures is carefully selected and grouped into its grade. Products are priced accordingly so customers can enjoy a peace of mind when shopping with us.


We take pride in creating and hand making most of our products so as to assure the best quality we can deliver.


We provide the flexibility for our customers to customize some of our products to better suit their needs.

Our Mission

To translate your simple thoughts into big gestures.

To bring forth a wider range and selection for our clients, we continually strive to bring in new and unique quality products while being mindful in sourcing for sustainable materials.

We love engaging our clients and meeting their needs, hence we have provisions for customizations in some of our products.